Acne Rosacea 101: How Should You Deal with It?

For someone bothered by acne rosacea, the problem never seems to go away. That’s because it often takes six to twelve months for skin afflicted with acne rosacea to grown new skin around the problem area. It can take even longer to heal if you do things to make matters worse, for instance picking at acne manifestations, or using heavy soaps and cleaners that only bog down the new skin growth process.

One of the cleanest and most effective ways of dealing with acne rosacea is through gentle laser therapy. This is a solution offered by Laser Cosmetics Clinic, which has outlets in both Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario. If you’re a person suffering from acne rosacea, contact this clinic today to arrange for a consultation, which will be the first step toward having a clear complexion once again.

Other treatments for acne rosacea 

If you prefer to try some home remedy treatments for acne rosacea before taking the major step toward laser therapy, there are some options you might want to try. There is no real cure for acne rosacea, but there are some things you can do to manage it through better self-care, medication, and simply avoiding some of the triggers which produce outbreaks.

Some of the triggers you should avoid include drinking alcohol or caffeine in excessive amounts, and sometimes hot drinks are also capable of producing outbreaks. Many people have triggers which stem from spicy foods or eating cheese products. In other cases, episodes are triggered by prolonged exposure to sunlight and even using sunscreen to protect yourself. A great many people have acne rosacea outbreaks when they undergo severe emotional stress or are subject to prolonged anxiety.

Other triggers can be exposure to extreme hot or cold weather and sometimes taking hot baths. Some women have noticed that specific cosmetics trigger episodes of acne rosacea outbreaks. Exercise is another thing which can energize your bloodstream and trigger an outbreak of acne rosacea. Avoiding any personal triggers such as the ones listed above can be a great first step toward preventing flare-ups of acne rosacea.

Medications you can take 

Some of the best and most effective medications used to treat acne rosacea are some types of antibiotic creams or antibiotic tablets. When taking these, you should notice some improvement within just a few days, because antibiotics tend to work fairly quickly. You might also want to try metronidazole gel or Tretinoin, because these have been shown to be effective in achieving good results when used to treat acne rosacea.

A number of the same medications you might use to protect your immune system will also be effective in treating acne rosacea. Some types of anti-parasitic medications have also proven to be successful in achieving good results with acne rosacea, so your doctor may want to prescribe one of these, depending on your specific circumstances. Lastly, one of the most effective acne rosacea treatments in terms of medication has proven to be silymarin with methylsulfonylmethane as one of the chief ingredients.

Any one of the above medications may work for you, bit it also might require a bit of experimentation to find out which is most effective on your particular case.

Home remedies 

Home Care is very important when you’re trying to clear up an episode of acne rosacea. If you are going to be exposed to sunlight for any length of time, you should definitely wear sunscreen to protect your skin, and you should try to avoid excessive heat and humidity. When using sunscreen, make sure to choose one that is a broad-spectrum, and which includes zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Avoid foods, drinks, and any other triggers that you know of which might cause a flare-up of rosacea. You should also try not to exercise too intensely, as this has been known to set off an episode. Make sure to wash your eyelids with a gentle cleanser, using a warm washcloth. Try to avoid stressful situations, or prolonged exposure to anxiety, because these are very common triggers for acne rosacea.

Skin care is extremely important when you are trying to recover from an acne rosacea episode. Make sure to use cleansers which are oil-free, fragrance-free, and soap-free. The best products to use are those which include sulfur cream, azelaic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. Afterwards, use an oil-free moisturizer which is very gentle on your skin.  Make sure to avoid irritating astringents which include alcohol, soap-based cleansers, or sodium lauryl sulfate.  Are you looking for leg Acne Rosacea treatment in Brampton and Mississauga area, call us today for a free consultation: Brampton (905) 790-0998 or Mississauga (905) 593-0770 or visit our website:

Acne Rosacea 101: How Should You Deal with It?

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