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We are Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment. We offer the best and most affordable laser for Toenail Fungus in GTA. We use the Cutera Genesis 1064nm Laser. Just to the right of here is a brief introduction to laser treatment for toenail fungus. Below here, we will post blogs about lasers for nail fungus. I hope you find our site informative. Contact us today for a free consultation

How is nail separation treated?

If it is separation of the nail and nail bed that is the problem instead of fungus, the part of the nail that is separated must be removed entirely. This is often completed by cutting and/or grinding to remove the lifted section and smooth out the nail. Once this is completed, a topical medication is applied and the use is continued at home. Most of these medications also have anti-fungal medicine as part of the mix to help prevent future problems. The product we use is our own special creation. Tolnaftate is the ingredient that acts as an antifungal medication that is included in this product and it also contains several oils to help the medication be absorbed by the nail so it can treat any fungus that is present.

In cases of nail separation, it is the oil in the topical treatment that offers more of a healing benefit than the tolnaftate. The oils in the product are manuka tree oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. The combination of these oils helps penetrate and hydrate the nail and the skin around the nail, which helps heal the area and prevent further breaking and separating. Our nail product also contains acetic acid. This acid helps brighten and whiten the nail to make it look better while it is healing. This is the same acid that makes vinegar have such a its distinct smell and taste.When a nail is treated with NailPure, the nail is able to grow and reattach to the nail bed, while Nail Fungus Treatment looking healthy and recovering to a natural appearance.

How to Cure Fungus Infected Nails

A number of people turn to over the counter methods to cure fungus infected nails. They often become frustrated due to lack of results. Fungal nails are extremely difficult to treat and may require multiple treatments. Over the counter treatments are not the only treatment methods available to cure fungal nails. Other treatments include prescribed medication, laser for nail fungus treatment, and in extreme cases, surgery.

Treating Nail Fungus with Laser Treatment

Often, nail fungus begins as a small spot that is white or yellow in color, typically under the tip of the fingernail or toenail. Unfortunately, the fungus can spread very quickly and can cause the nail to become very thick and start to fall apart around the edges. Nail fungus can be embarrassing but it can also be painful and in some cases is difficult to treat. Laser treatments are a modern day solution that helps many people get rid of nail fungus for good.

What is so good about Laser Treatments compared to other treatments?

Those individuals that struggle with nail fungus are aware that most treatments just don’t work.The treatments available on the market today are virtually endless. However, the best long term solution and the easiest treatment to go through is treatment with a laser. Each session of a laser nail fungus treatment only lasts around 20-30 minutes, depending on the technician, doctor and the severity of the nail fungus. Most cases of nail fungus only take three to five visits to treat properly. The great thing is that once the treatment is finished, you can go about your life as normal. Although we often give a topical treatment, you don’t have to worry about obsessing over taking a pill and constantly applying topical medication to try to get rid of the fungus. Laser treatments are also relatively painless and there is no recovery time. Lasers are able to treat the fungus underneath the nail without causing any damage to the nail or the delicate tissue surrounding it.

How to find a Doctor experienced in the Laser Treatment of Nail fungus

If you decide you want to try laser treatment for your nail fungus, take the time to find a reliable doctor that has experience with this type of treatment. I have been an active user of laser treatment since it was first FDA approved, my newest laser (Cutera) is extremely effective, quick, and affordable.

The drawback to laser treatment for nail fungus is that it is not currently covered by any insurance. This means it is a completely out of pocket expense for patients, making many people hesitant to try it. Treatment usually takes at least three to five separate laser appointments and sometimes requires a topical treatment as part of a combination treatment to get rid of the problem.


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