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About Dr. Khurana, Quick Bio

Dr. Khurana obtained her doctorate in Atomic, Molecular, and Laser Physics from the University of Roorkee, India. Prior to starting her own business, she held a teaching and research position at the Florida State University. In that position she has earned a worldwide acclaim in academic research with publications in International Journals. 

Dr. Khurana had the entrepreneurial spirit in her since childhood and she turned out to be a true master of change when the opportunity came along in the field of ‘therapeutic and non-invasive laser procedures for health, wellness, and cosmetic enhancement purposes.

She left her position as adjunct professor at the Florida State University and has since established a thriving practice in Brampton and Mississauga, the two suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Khurana has since continued to upgrade her education in health, wellness and natural medicine field. Her qualifications include:

Dr. Khurana has since developed an extensive knowledge about a range of natural health and wellness issues with special emphasis to skin care. Her expertise ranges from fundamental to revolutionary cosmetic procedures. The most important aspect of her success is in her belief that natural healing should be given a chance to it’s fullest with minimal external help. Healing laser/ light and nutrition being excellent outside help. Also she beleives that cosmetic enhancement procedures are too personal and touchy to delegate. She takes pride in being personally involved in the treatment sessions with every client right from the consultation stage to the final treatment session to the maximum extent possible even when she has to be at two clinics.

While at University of Roorkee, Dr. Khurana has participated in National Rowing Championship and in her spare time likes to play tennis and socialize.


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