Achieve Smooth, Glowing, Healthy Skin at any Age with Photorejuvenation

If you’re not happy with the state of your complexion, you should contact us at Laser Cosmetics Clinic in either Brampton or Mississauga, Ontario. We can improve your skin quality by removing any imperfections such as wrinkles and fine lines, tattoos, age spots, pigmentation, sun damage, cellulite, and we can also treat leg veins and any scars you may have from chemicals or lasers. Our process reduces the signs of aging, and can help rejuvenate your skin so it looks younger and fresher. To find out about the benefits of our photorejuvenation process, continue reading below.


How photorejuvenation works 

Similar to laser therapy, photorejuvenation works by penetrating the skin with light energy. Once absorbed by the skin cells, this is converted into heat energy, which causes sufficient damage to skin cells in the area that they get removed by the body’s natural processes. These damaged cells are then replaced by healthy new cells which look and feel much better. However, photorejuvenation is somewhat different from laser therapy in that it uses multiple wavelengths at once, and this allows it to treat multiple skin conditions simultaneously. The outer skin layer is not affected by the process, and only the deeper tissue is targeted for removal, thus allowing replacement by fresh new skin cells.

Reduces pigmentation and damage from the sun 

As people age, they often develop age spots that become unsightly, and are primarily due to exposure to the sun for many years. After years have passed, these spots usually turn brown and appear mostly in the facial area. Photorejuvenation can completely eliminate these spots, and allow your skin to revert to its formerly youthful, vital look. The natural beauty of your skin is allowed to rise to the top again, while age spots become a thing of the past. In areas where the pigment has been harmed by the harsh rays of the sun, photorejuvenation accelerates the healing process, and helps to increase the production of helpful collagen. This allows for newer, fresher skin to be generated and your appearance to be strikingly improved.

Clears out symptoms of rosacea 

Rosacea often affects the facial area by causing it to become flushed and red, and it’s sometimes accompanied by the presence of pimples or small bumps on the skin. If this is allowed to go unchecked, it can develop into pustular rosacea, which is a much worse condition. Using photorejuvenation treatments, rosacea can be eliminated or at least greatly reduced. The light energy coming from our therapeutic laser penetrates deep into the skin layers to reduce pain and inflammation, thus relieving those conditions and reducing any redness or swelling that happened to be present. Because the laser energy is able to penetrate so deep into skin layers, it has all the power and capability necessary to correct the problem and make you feel much better about yourself.

Repairs broken blood vessels 

For patients who have burst blood vessels in the facial area, photorejuvenation is an excellent restorative option. A whole slew of vascular disorders can potentially happen, for instance telangiectasia, capillary hemangiomas, port wine stains, and spider veins. Some of these cases of broken blood vessels will actually require surgery, and if they haven’t progressed to the severe stage, it will be possible to use photorejuvenation to correct them. By using a specific wavelength during laser therapy, the laser is able to seal these vessels up, so the problem can be resolved. This halts any bleeding which might have occurred in the area, and allows the damaged tissue to begin healing. The great thing about this approach is that it takes care of the present problem, and it discourages the development of any similar issues in the future.

Eliminates wrinkles and fine lines 

Most people would like to keep the skin of their facial area as youthful-looking as possible for as long as possible. This is now possible through photorejuvenation, which is state-of-the-art technology that can be used to eliminate those pesky wrinkles and replace them with smooth, fresh-looking skin. It is known through science that the best way to remove wrinkles and fine lines is by stimulating the production of more collagen. Collagen serves as an agent for thickening throughout the body, supporting healthy skin cells and providing structure for incoming fresh cells. As people age, their production of collagen tends to taper off gradually, and that’s why the wrinkles begin becoming more prominent. Photorejuvenation can eliminate those wrinkles and fine lines wherever they appear on the face, and that will give way to younger, tighter skin in the facial area.

Achieve Smooth, Glowing, Healthy Skin at any Age with Photorejuvenation

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