Laiser Hair Removel

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) procedure offers a painless, safe, gentle, non-invasive, and long-lasting solution to unwanted hair on the face, back, legs, bikini line or any other body area. This procedure is based on the same technology that has been used for nearly a decade in the treatment of port-wine stains and other birthmarks. 


Photorejuvenation is a procedure where intense pulse light is used to improve variety of skin imperfections and benign conditions. It is a safe and non-invasive procedure that can be tailored to your unique skin type and the specific skin condition to provide superior cosmetic results and therefore outstanding satisfaction There is no downtime; therefore, 


Now you can minimize wrinkles, scars, sun damage and active acne without the pain and recuperative time of other cosmetic treatments. It is now possible to significantly improve the appearance of your skin without extended periods of downtime. Through a series of MegaPeels, You can achieve more beautiful skin without pain and long-term irritation

Leg Veins Treatment

Unsightly leg veins are a problem for millions of men and women, the world over. This problem affects a wide range of age groups, skin types and life styles. It is estimated that in many areas over 60% of the adult population suffers from varicose veins and spider veins. Varicose veins are enlarged vessels that have widened as a result of weakness in the vein wall, which stretches and bulges. Spider veins are the small superficial purple or red veins stretching like a web under the skin.

Amino Therapy

Amino Therapy Purifying Dual Action Cleanser Clean skin is the foundation for a radiant complexion. Purifying Dual Action Cleanser with Intercellular ATS17 gently but thoroughly dissolves and lifts away impurities such as make-up and environmental pollutants, which might otherwise clog pores and leave your skin looking dull and unhealthy. 

Herbal Peel

Quit Smoking Smoking Cessation Using Low Intensity Laser Therapy A low-intensity laser is used to stimulate specific points on the ears, face, and hands (laser acupuncture), which helps to alleviate the withdrawal and craving symptoms associated with quitting smoking by increasing the natural endorphins in the body. The endorphins will build up in the body

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