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Laser Cosmetics Center Privacy Policy

The following is the official privacy policy of lasercosmeticsclinic.com, which we have written so that our users might better understand how we will use their personal information. The lasercosmeticsclinic.com Terms of Use is the actual contract between lasercosmeticsclinic.com and its users, and refers to this policy as lasercosmeticsclinic.com's agreement concerning its members' privacy.

Laser Cosmetics Center Privacy Statement

Laser Cosmetics Center is committed to protecting your privacy in every aspect possible. You or your company's information will NEVER be resold to any third party.


Laser Cosmetics Center may ask for testimonials from satisfieds customers, but these public disclosures of a company's relationship with Laser Cosmetics Center are completely optional and voluntary, and are not part of the service agreement, nor are they required or even expected.


Like many websites, lasercosmeticsclinic.com uses "cookies" to allow users to log into the site, and to store users' session IDs. (For details on cookies, please refer to http://www.netscape.com/newsref/std/cookie_spec.html.) All personal and identifying information is stored on Laser Cosmetics Center's servers, not in your browser's cookies. This is both more private and more secure.

Personal Information

lasercosmeticsclinic.com requires information such as email address, first and last name, company name, location, etc. for use on the site. This information is held confidential, and NEVER RESOLD OR DISTRIBUTED TO ANY THIRD PARTY.

Unsolicited Bulk Email, or "Spam"

lasercosmeticsclinic.com retains an opt-in subscription list for its newsletter. Only addresses that have been voluntarily and individually subscribed are on this list, and they may be unsubscribed at any time.


Laser Cosmetics Center does not allow spamming in association with our site, brand, or products. If you have received spam from a reseller advertising Laser Cosmetics Center products or services, please report it immediately to abuse@lasercosmeticsclinic.com. Foward the entire message with all headers intact; resellers that send unsolicited bulk email are in direct violation of the reseller agreement, and will be prosecuted.

Financial Information

lasercosmeticsclinic.com does not store any credit card information on its servers. All credit card numbers and identifying financial data are passed directly to the site where credit card orders are processed for all lasercosmeticsclinic.com customers.

Future Changes

While lasercosmeticsclinic.com promises to never give out your personal information, precise phrasing in this policy may need to change in the unforeseeable future. lasercosmeticsclinic.com will post all such changes here on the lasercosmeticsclinic.com website, and recommends that you review this privacy policy from time to time.





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